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The Alamo Colleges District — SAC, St. Philip's, Palo Alto, Northwest Vista and Northeast Lakeview Colleges — is the ​growth engine for Greater San Antonio — helping individuals get the education, skills and workforce training 
they need to make better lives for themselves and their families.  In turn, the 501 (c)(3) Alamo Colleges Foundation works to increase donation dollars to help advance access to higher education, which enables residents to become
productive citizens and is key to raising the standard of living for our community.

That is why the Annual Fund — the Best5Fund — is priority at Alamo Colleges Foundation,
​to grow donor dollars for all purposes and champion student success by supporting scholarships and
​long-term, proven programs that benefit the more than 60,000 students who enroll in the Alamo Colleges every year.
• Technology
• Community Outreach
​• Innovation Grants to the Colleges

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  • San Antonio's future depends on education. 
  • Alamo Colleges is answering that with Better Education, Skills and Training. 
  • Gifts to Best5Fund at Alamo Colleges Foundation help students come in and stay in – get involved today!
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Education is key to improving economic prosperity. 

Together we can change the world...


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Scholarships offer financial assistance and provide a morale boost by telling students others believe in them. 

Your generosity means I am able to continue to achieve my educational goal with less stress. Thank you!”         ~Cynthia